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Filezone is a template created for the management of all kinds of files and folders. Developed with new generation and up-to-date libraries and plugins. It is very easy to use and develop. It has a very simple and understandable code structure.

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Filezone admin template is a file management tool that allows you to organize and manage your files and folders in the web world. You can organize your files with advanced file management libraries and plugin options using this website theme. However, it is easy to use, has a simple and understandable code structure. With the development of the web world day by day, file management tools such as Filezone have started to be used and popularized rapidly. We used HTML, CSS, SCSS, and JavaScript programming languages to develop the Filezone project and Gulp to manage the front-end work.

Filezone, one of the most preferred programs among file management tools, offers you a significantly good user experience. It helps you organize your files and folders in the best way with its user interface, library, plugin, and many more options by admin template. You can also access detailed admin panel data and perform various analyzes. The main features of the Filezone file management tool based on Bootstrap 5, SASS and Gulp technologies are as follows:

  • Ease of use day and night with Light & Dark Mode
  • Use in different languages with RTL Supported
  • Horizontal & Vertical Layouts usage options on different planes
  • You can easily customize
  • High security measure with Authentication Pages
  • 5 Icon Sets
  • 80+ HTML Pages
  • 3 Web Apps (Chat App, Email App & Todo List App)
  • Different, creative font options compatible with Google
  • Responsive design suitable for every device
  • Creative and Modern Design
  • W3C Validated Pages
  • Well Commented Code

Plugins & Libraries

The two most important features that make the Filezone file management tool stand out from the rest are file management plugins and libraries. With these plugins and libraries, you can regularly check your files and folders, sort them, and have other editing options. With Filezone, you can have the following plugins and libraries automatically without the need for any extra installation.

  • With Ckeditor, an easy-to-use, free, open-source, fast, and secure enriched text editor, you can edit your files immediately.
  • With DataTable option, you can access many more tables.
  • You can view your data at certain intervals with date range picker.
  • It is very easy to upload multiple images with the dropzone library.
  • Form repeater allows you to duplicate and display the form you want.
  • Creative forms with form wizard
  • You can instantly restrict user inputs with Input Mask
  • You can access the user manual with Intro.js
  • Image gallery developed using Lightbox
  • Drag and drop feature with Nestable
  • Prism enhanced file and folder viewing
  • Quill advanced javascript file editor
  • Range Slider visual design slider
  • Rating file sorting criteria
  • With Select2, you can sort searches and results in an infinite level
  • Carousel making with Slick Slide
  • Tags Input helps you sort scalable meta tags
  • You can easily edit and view files with Vmap
  • Impressive designs with Masonry visual editing
  • Impressive and interactive visual web design with Apex Chart
  • Visualize data easily with Chart.js
  • Clean, simple and understandable indicators with Justgage Chart
  • Access donut charts in Morsis Chart data visualization
  • Clock Picker to display data based on date or time
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Version: 1.0.0    Sep 6, 2021

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