Vetra - E-Commerce HTML Admin Dashboard Template

Vetra is an admin template developed for the management of e-commerce projects. It meets all your needs with different pages. Developed with new generation and up-to-date libraries and plugins. It is very easy to use and develop. It has a very simple and understandable code structure.

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Vetra is an admin panel created for managing and controlling e-commerce websites. This admin template has a modern design and is built with up-to-date JQuery plugins. All the pages you need have been added to this dashboard. Everything needed to complete your website projects quickly has been considered. This admin panel provides various views with different page layouts. It has a very easy code structure to develop and edit. We developed this project with HTML, CSS, Javascript and Laravel 8. We used Gulp to manage frontend jobs. This e-commerce admin template is one of the best in the category of admin dashboard templates. Please continue reading to explore more features of this template.


We have added all the features you will need while managing your e-commerce site in this admin panel. Here, you can meet all your needs without the need for an extra installation with many rich plugins and libraries. The main features that the E-Commerce management template offers you are as follows:

  • Bootstrap 5.x: Makes your e-commerce management template responsive.
  • Laravel 8: Includes many new features including model migration classes, rate-limiting improvements, time-testing, dynamic blade components, and more.
  • SASS Supported: A custom software library that makes CSS writing more dynamic.
  • Gulp 4: It is the task runner.
  • Light Mode: It is the recommended mode to be used in daylight.
  • Dark Mode: It is the mode that is recommended to be used in the dark.
  • Horizontal & Vertical Layouts: Allows you to use in different planes
  • Hiden Menu Version: Hiden or display the menu
  • Easy Customizable
  • Authentication Pages: highly secure authentication page
  • 5 Icon Sets: Dozens of different icon options
  • 90+ HTML Pages: A design that is very rich in terms of HTML pages, appealing to all segments.
  • 3 Web Apps (Chat App, Email App & Todo List App): Grow your business with mobile apps
  • Google Fonts: The best fonts for Google
  • Fully responsive design
  • Creative & Modern Design: You can easily impress your target audience
  • W3C Validated Pages: The best-formatted validation service
  • Well Commented Code

Libraries and Plugins

The most important service offered to you by the E-commerce management template and admin panel we have developed is its rich plugins and libraries. Thanks to these, you can reach all the tools you need in e-commerce management with one click without the need for any installation. The main add-ons and libraries offered by the e-commerce management tool are as follows:

  • Ckeditor: It is an editor for writing content directly into a web page.
  • Clock Picker: It is the time picker tool for bootstrap that we use in the e-commerce management template.
  • DataTable: It is a jQuery plugin and a flexible table list generator.
  • Date Range Picker: It is a JS component for selecting dates and times.
  • Dropzone: It is a drag-drop component
  • Form Repeater: It allows you to repeat a form you have created or viewed in an infinite loop.
  • Form Wizard: This allows you to create creative, stylish forms.
  • Input Mask: Allows to restrict inputs.
  • Intro js: Helps you easily create user practice guides
  • Lightbox: This allows you to create and view an image gallery
  • Nestable: Another drag-and-drop component
  • Prism: A library used to create composite structures
  • Quill: a free, open-source WYSIWYG editor
  • Range slider: provides scrollbar max and min control
  • Rating: It is a JS plugin that provides evaluation by starring.
  • Select2: Allows seamless display of search, remote datasets, and results on your pages
  • Slick Slide: It is a js plugin that provides multiple slide transitions.
  • Tags Input: lets you enter and display the tags you need
  • Vmap: It is a JS plugin that allows you to map
  • Masonry: This allows you to best position your elements
  • Apex Chart: Chart library that provides Data Visualization
  • Chart.js: This lets you create interactive charts, add charts
  • Justgage Chart: Preferred for beautiful and clear displays
  • Morsis Chart: Preferred for unique charts in data visualization
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